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What is an Acoustic Neuroma?

The diagnosis of an acoustic tumor has been established as the most probable cause of your symptoms.

What is Acoustic Neuroma?

Treatment Options

There are three treatment options for those affected by an acoustic neuroma: observation, stereotactic radiosurgery and surgery.cription

Surgical Options

For most of those affected by an acoustic neuroma, surgery is the likely treatment option. There are three surgery variations (approaches) depending on the tumor size, location and the amount of hearing present.


Tumor size is often used to classify tumors. Acoustic Neuroma are classified as small, medium, large, or giant tumors.

Risks & Complications

It is not possible to list every complication that might occur before, during or following a surgical procedure. The following discussion is included to indicate some of the risks and complications peculiar to acoustic neuroma surgery.

Risks & Complications

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