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MEI Acoustic Neuroma

Center of Excellence of Michigan

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One of the Nation’s Leading Surgical Groups

Specializing in Acoustic Neuroma.

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One of the Nation’s Leading Surgical Groups

Specializing in Acoustic Neuroma.

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MEI Acoustic Neuroma Center of Michigan

Why Choose Michigan Ear Institute for Your Acoustic Neuroma Management

Welcome to the Michigan Ear Institute, one of the nation’s leading surgical groups specializing in acoustic neuroma and skull base surgery. The Michigan Ear Institute is committed to providing you with the highest quality diagnostic and surgical treatment possible.

Our highly experienced team of expert physicians, have established international reputations for their innovative diagnostic and surgical capabilities, and our modern, attractive facility has been designed with patient care and convenience as the foremost criteria.

It is our privilege to be able to provide care for your medical problems and we will strive to make your visit to the Michigan Ear Institute a positive and rewarding experience. Learn more about our physicians

Michigan Ear Institute Acoustic Neuroma Center works collaboratively with Jeffrey T. Jacob, M.D. at Michigan Head and Spine Institute in a skull base approach.

Please contact us and schedule your consultation  (248) 865-4444

What is Acoustic Neuroma?
What is an Acoustic Neuroma?

Acoustic tumors are rare, non-malignant fibrous growths, originating from the balance or hearing nerve, that do not spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. They constitute six to ten percent of the brain tumors.

Acoustic Neuroma Explained
Acoustic Neuroma Explained

Hearing loss, ringing of the ears and dizziness are common complaints that are usually due to common causes. Occasionally, however, these symptoms may be due to a benign tumor that grows between the inner ear and the brain.


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